Alexander McQueen’s Skull Collection: Printed Scarfs back in Fashion?

7/8/12 – Silk Printed Scarfs by Alexander McQueen: The Skull as a Popular fashion Icon

I am beginning to notice that there are women who have been wearing scarfs from Alexander McQueen’s skull collection or a replica of the design itself. It is hard to tell whether they are real or fake from a distance but the scarfs fluctuate in style especially within the suburban districts or the metropolitan areas.

Has the skull become a popular fashion statement through McQueen’s recent collections? In some ways yes, there are images all over the internet which have displayed celebrities who have worn McQueen’s printed scarfs. McQueen’s collection also features the image of the skull within different colours, patterns and designs, which have increased in popularity within Hollywood and the celebrity culture.

From Lindsey Lohan to Nicole Richie, celebrities are wearing the skull as a popular fashion icon, which have also developed a very strong demand within the mainstream market. Within the past few weeks, I have noticed a strong interest for classic black and white scarfs from McQueen’s skull collection.

Alexander McQueen was a renowned Fashion Designer who had captivated consumers worldwide through his unique style and ambition. According to Andrew Bolton and Harrold Koda, McQueen had passed away a few years ago, although his contemporary skull collection continues to fascinate the visual culture and the mass media.

McQueen’s collection also questions why there is such a strong interest for the image of the skull within the 21st century. Has contemporary fashion influenced modern interpretations of the skull within the Western culture? Perhaps fashion has marketed the image of the skull as a popular, mainstream product. On the hand, McQueen’s creations feature an innovative style and design, which has successfully attracted a mass market, which also emphasizes a strong desire for the image of the skull as a commercial or a fashionable product.

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Alexander McQueen Official Website, (Accessed 8/8/12)

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