#13 Makeup Test

30/7/12 -Purple Makeup Style

There is a weekly challenge that is on Word Press at the moment, which invites other bloggers to submit a photograph with the colour purple. I decided to use purple for the style of the makeup, although the different eye shadows created different tones and shadows, which feature a brown or a charcoal colour. There are a couple of photographs, which will be submitted into the Weekly Challenge, which features lighter tone of purple in comparison to the other images.

I also used a death grey foundation, which worked well with the white setting powder and the makeup definitely created a smooth complexion compared to the cheaper foundation from the supermarket. In the past I have struggled applying the eye liner to the base of the makeup, although it was easier to apply the makeup over the top of the death grey foundation.

Every eye liner that I have bought so far has cracked, although I did not have any problems with the death grey foundation. I have incorporated certain designs and characteristics from the skull that my parents have bought from a shop from Sydney also known as Holy Kitsch, which sells Day of the Dead Merchandise.

The mouth may have required a shade of white in order create some similarities to the image of the skull. The eye shadows were blended into the eye liner in order to create a smooth composition between shape and colour.

It was quite a sunny day and Spring is almost on its way, which is the ideal opportunity for taking photographs. The light definitely added some interesting tones and shadows to the style of the makeup, although there were a few images that appear quite dark. The dark images also highlights my own facial features and the makeup around the eyes, nose or mouth.

The dark images feature very interesting compositions between light, form and texture, which also creates similarities to the image of the skull through the eye sockets or the nose. I do believe that the previous makeup test featured a close resemblance to the skull and I only used a black eyeliner for the style of the makeup. Perhaps it is true what they say, less is more and I may not need lots of makeup for the actual style.

The black and white does provoke more of an emotive response, which I have mentioned in my previous posts. According to Stanley Brandes, The black and white resonates more of a connection with death and the image of the skull.I’ve grown up with the black and white image of the skull in popular culture, although the Mexican Day of the Dead is a topic that I have become familiar with over the past couple of years.

Perhaps culture and age impacts one’s perception of death, although the skull has been made accessible to a large audience. One could argue that the Western culture use black and white as an appropriate representation of the skull, which resonates a morbid or frightening depiction of death.

Does colour really have a close connection to death? From a personal point of view, the use of black and white provides a darker representation of the skull compared to the Mexican Day of the Dead. Does the use of black and white actually initiate a close association with death? The makeup tests have become visual research, which encourages further contemplation into the actual meaning of the skull.

Cadafalch, Antoni. The Day of the Dead: El Dia De Los Muertos.  London: Koreno Books, 2011. p.7 – 13 p. 43 – 46

Brandes, Stanley. Skulls to the Living, Bread to the Dead. The Day of the Dead in Mexico and Beyond.  Australia: Blackwell Publishing, 2006. p.7 -13

Holy Kitsch Website, http://www.holykitsch.com.au/

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