Traffic Magazine featuring Rick Genest and Shaun Ross

28/7/12 – Rick Genest and Ross Moore by Joachim Baldauf’s attracts a large audience

Rick Genest continues to provide creativity and inspiration to a mass audience through social networking sites such as Facebook. According to Genest’s Facebook page, the performer has worked with a model also known as Shaun Ross in a photo shoot.

There isn’t a great deal of information in regards to Shaun Ross, although he is an African American Albino who has worked as a model for many fashion photographers and international corporations. Shaun Ross features a very interesting appearance, which adds a unique style to every photograph and his latest photo shoot for Traffic magazine also features Rick Genest.

There is a very unique composition between Rick Genest’s tattoos and Ross’s pale skin, which contrasts with the surrounding space. The photographs have been taken by Joachim Baldauf who applied a unique style to the photo shoot through the model’s gestures and body language.

There is a strong emphasis on black and white through the style of clothing and the visual effects. The space actually compliments Ross’s unique characteristics and Genest’s tattoos, which are exposed through the angle of the camera.

Genest’s tattoo’s also resemble the image of a skull or a decomposing corpse, which significantly contrasts with Ross’s skin and hair. Perhaps Genest becomes the figure of death who embraces Ross’s pale body, which is covered with a black plastic bag.

The plastic bag is quite conceptual, which also adds a contemporary style to the photo shoot. The actual meaning or context behind the plastic bag is quite ambiguous although the material subtly emphasises Genest’s and Ross’s gestures, which are composed with a concrete environment. The environment may resemble the urban cityscape or a street corner, which adds some dark undertones to the photographs.

In the top image Genest is wearing a jacket, which emphasises the tattoos through the use of tone. The visual effects provide Genest with a dark or a sinister appearance, although the hood of the jacket does feature similarities to the Grim Reaper. One could argue that Genest has become a contemporary grim reaper who uses a plastic bag to capture his victims.

It’s always interesting to see Genest uploading recent images or designs to his Facebook profile and the photographs features a very distinctive style and composition, which will continue to inspire audiences worldwide., “Traffic Magazine”, (Accessed 28/7/12)

Homotography, “Rick Genest and Shaun Ross by Joachim Baldauf”, (Accessed 28/7/12)

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