#12 Makeup Test

26/5/12 – Makeup in 30 Minutes proves to be a Success 

Today I decided to create a quick photo shoot with an old selection of makeup. I created a basic style for the makeup, which I was able to achieve in a space of 30 minutes. All I used was a black eyeliner for the outline and dark brown eyeshadow for the tone, which defined the shape of the skull.

Rick Genest tattoo’s and Lady Gaga’s music video have influence the style of the makeup, although I have also used my previous photographs as a source of experimentation.

I have noticed that it is easier to apply the eyeliner without the foundation or the setting powder. Most of the time, the eyeliner usually crumbles or falls apart, which usually makes a small mark in the style of the makeup.

I also applied a light orange and a white eye shadow around the lips, although the colours did blend into the eyeliner. The blended colours actually creates an interesting composition with the rest of the face and the aim was to create a skull with warm or earthly colours.

For some strange reason, my bath tub is a great place to take photographs and the light from the bathroom window creates a clear image. I suppose the back of the house has more light compared to the front of the house, although there are lots of windows, which also assists with the photo shoot.

I was quite lucky today and the sun suddenly emerged from the clouds as I was taking the photographs around the garden, which created an interesting composition with the skull makeup.

I have also been experimenting with different effects on Photoshop and the sepia actually adds an interesting effect. The warm colours compliment the red jumper that I was wearing and the makeup, which also features some interesting tones or shadows.

It’s interesting to view my progression throughout the entire year and I have improved since the beginning of March where I had absolutely no idea how to create a skull from makeup. Each makeup test has provided the ability to improve my skills in painting and photography, which will assist with the development of the exhibition.

The objective is to practise with the makeup and the photography until the end of the year in order to develop certain skills or techniques within these two particular art forms. The makeup tests have assisted with the development of the exhibition and it will be interesting to see the final results at the year of the year.

I still have a long way to go, although the makeup tests have provided the opportunity to practise with materials that I am not familiar with, which has been challenging in parts but rewarding in others.

The makeup tests may be used as a final piece for the exhibition although I do plan to continue on with the photography and the makeup until the final installation, which will also document my progression within an artistic format.

The question I always wonder is…do I feel any closer to death? I still see the image of the skull as an image or representation, for me it is hard to recognise the connection with death. Once I am older my interpretations my change and I may begin to see the skull from another perspective.

In saying this, there is one black and white photograph that does feature a close resemblance to the skull through the shape of the jaw line, which is pronounced through the black eye liner. I do believe that the black and white still resonates a significant response or emotion compared to colour or sepia.

I will practise with different styles and designs in order to determine if I will ever find a connection with death and whether my interpretations of the skull change due to the colour that is used. Can colour influence a person’s interpretation of death or mortality?

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