# 11 Makeup Test

24/7/12 – Makeup Test inspired by the latest Batman Film. 

Makeup inspired by Batman and Rick Genest. I do not own any rights over Batman or DC Comics.

Photographs used for documentation only, no photographs will be sold for any financial purposes.

A friend on Facebook had asked me If I could create a Batman skull through the application of makeup or face paint. I did try, although my makeup design doesn’t really look like a skull at all. I wasn’t too sure how I would approach this particular design, although I may need to try a different style for the makeup because the batman logo dominates my entire face.

I did struggle to think of other ways to create the batman skull makeup, although I referred to previous makeups styles that were available on the internet. I decided to use the classic batman logo, which worked well with black liquid eye shadow.

I combined elements from Rick Genest’s tattoo designs for the jaw line and the teeth, although I am convinced that the makeup requires the eye sockets in order to achieve certain similarities to the image of the skull.

I could hardly recognise myself once I applied the makeup and I also added different colours to the design. First of all I decided to take photographs with the black and white makeup although it was quite a dark evening, which did cause some of the photos to appear underexposed.

I have discovered that there are areas around the house, which do have light such as the right hand corner in my bedroom, the bath tub and outside in the garage. I hold the camera instead of using a tripod, which allows me to experiment with different camera angles, which sometimes provides an interesting composition within the final image.

I have also recognised that holding the camera on a really high angle can often over expose the image, which then appears very dark. Holding the camera on a really low angle can sometimes under expose the image, which can also appear blurry. It’s just a matter of trying to find the right angle and it may depend on the weather during that particular time of the day.

Most of the photographs are taken in the evening around 4 or 5pm, which can also create an interesting light. Due to-day light savings, any photos that are taken after 5pm appear very dark or blurry. Once summer arrives and day light savings is altered once again, I will be able to take photographs later in the evening.

I also decided to add blue and yellow to the makeup, which are the colours that are associated with Batman. I tried to create different patterns and designs within the batman symbol, although I wasn’t too keen on the final results.

This particular exercise was very beneficial, which also provided the opportunity to practise different techniques or styles. If I was to redo this particular design again, I may need to create some sketches in order to create a design I was pleased with.

Overall I am beginning to become familiar with the makeup, which does make it easier when I am applying it to my own face. The reason why I had decided to choose batman is because I have recognised over the past few weeks that Batman is back in style after the most recent film, The Dark Knight Rises.

Advertisements, t-shirts, billboards, television commercials, DVD’s and other forms of merchandise exemplify Batman as a popular trend within the mass media or the consumer culture.

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