Joshua Harker

23/7/12 – Joshua Harker offers a unique interpretation of the skull through the use of organic shapes and patterns. 

Top Image: Crania Anatomica, 2011 by Joshua Harker

Last week a friend has emailed me a link via Facebook, which featured the works of Joshua Harker. Joshua Harker is an artist who has designed a three-dimensional model of a skull with a unique style. The shape of the skull is intertwined with different patterns, which creates a transparent effect. According to Harker’s video on the Kickstarter website, the artist aims to examine the “architecture of the imagination” through 3D modelling and programming. (Harker, Kickstart Website,, Accessed 23/7/12)

Harker used Kickstarter as a way to promote and fund his project, which also provides other internet users to purchase the work online. Kickstarter appears to allows emerging artists and designers display advertise and fund their work within a public domain.

Joshua Harker, 2011: 3D Modelling

Harker uses recent technology and software in order to create his three-dimensional skull. Harker has also uploaded his 3D modelling designs onto YouTube, which also exposes the artists methodology and the actual development of the project.

The design is quite illustrative and intricate, which may also feature similarities to the Mexican Day of the Dead Skulls. The majority of the Mexican skulls are quite colourful and vibrant, although the patterns within Harker’s design may feature a close resemblance to the decorations that are created for the Day of the Dead celebration.

The skull may positive perspective of death or mortality through the use of organic shapes, which is another common characteristic that is related to the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. From a personal perspective the patterns that have been used for Harker’s work creates a composition between life and death. The shape of the skull is constructed from illustrative designs , which may offer a different perspective of mortality all together.

Comparison between Mexican Sugar Skull and Joshua Harker’s Skull

Joshua Harker, Crania Anatomica Filigre: From Me to You, (Accessed 23/7/12)

Joshua Harker Official Website, (Accessed 23/7/12)

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