The Skull in Urban Street culture.

21/7/12 – Hunting for skulls around Hosier and Flinders Lane. 

Since last Thursday I have visited Hosier Lane numerous times for the Graffiti and urban street art. I decided to walk down the alley ways within the city of Melbourne in order to determine whether the skull has become a popular art from within Australian street culture.

Almost every alley way features at least one image of the skull through different styles, designs and representations. The graffiti around Melbourne clearly exemplifies the skull as a cultural trend or icon, that continues to influence contemporary artists and designers.

Does the actual image of the skull feature any connection with death what so ever? The image of the skull is easily recognisable within the urban environment, although I tend to wonder whether the skull has become mainstream through postmodernism and commercialisation.

My favourite image is the black and white skull, which features fluro or retro drops pouring from the eye sockets. The colours create a dynamic composition, between the shape or the form of the actual skull, which creates a very retro image. I recognised the image while I was walking through Flinders Lane

I decided to explore Flinders Lane, which also features art galleries, restaurants and local street art, which also replicates the iconic imagery of the skull. I did not take my camera to my visit to Melbourne although I did take some snap shots with the iPad so I would know where to go for next time if I had my camera with me.

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