Skull used for Peter Alexander’s New Collection

22/7/12 – Skull Pyjamas spotted in Melbourne Shopping Complex

I decided to walk through a shopping complex in Melbourne and I recognised a range of stripy long johns  that also featured the image of the skull on the front. The blue and grey long johns were spotted in the Mens department on the bottom floor, which clearly exemplifies how the image of the skull is used for almost everything.

The pyjamas are designed by Peter Alexander who is an Australian designer and the skull features a basic outline, which contrasts with colours that have been used. The skull also features a cute or childish representation although the length of the pyjamas suggest that the brand is targeting a male demographic.

When I searched through the Peter Alexander website, there is a new selection of skull pyjama bottoms or tops for both men and women. The shape and the design of the skulls may combine death with glamour through popular fashion brands.

From previous experience, Peter Alexander usually change their stock every few months in order to update recent trends or styles that are currently popular. Would this particular observation indicate that the skull is a popular fashion icon within the 21st century?

The skull is even used for pyjamas, which makes me wonder whether the skull will ever lose its style. The skull has been adapted through different styles, representations and designs, which project the skull as a mass-produced product rather than a representation of death.

Perhaps the style and the art form impacts the actual meaning or the context behind the skull. One could argue that Peter Alexander has used the skull as an effective marketing strategy in order to attract a young demographic. Has the skull changed from an iconic representation of death to a popular representation that is specifically designed for the mass market.

Peter Alexander Official Website,

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