Skeletons used as a Creative Art Form

20/7/12 – Photographs of skeletons from the Wild Thyme Cafe in Warburton 

Photos taken by a friend, Artist Unknown 

A couple of months ago a friend had emailed me a few pictures from a cafe in Warburton, which is a small country town located in Victoria. The images do feature skeletal figures in random places or locations, which also adds a sense of humour. I decided to visit Warburton for the first time in order to see the images, although they were not in the cafe and it appears that the artworks may have been sold.

The artworks were previously spotted in the Winter Thyme Cafe, although as soon as I arrived to Warburton they were nowhere to be seen. The skeletal figures are positioned with different objects such as vases, glasses, mirrors or paintings, which also creates an interesting composition.

I do not know the name of the artist, although the next opportunity I have to travel down to Warburton I will ask the cafe for the artist’s name. Some of the images do feature cool or monochromatic colours, although I’m not to sure whether the colours have been modified through the flash of the camera.

The colour actually compliments the skeletal figures within the images, which actually provides a humorous and a dark perspective of death. There are images that does feature warm or earthly colours, which also features a slight tinge of green. The skeletal figures feature similarities to the stem of a flower, which may initiate a bold juxtaposition between life and death.

The images also feature unique titles, which corresponds with the skeletal figures within each photograph. The title of the artwork(s) also provides context to the actual image, which may provide an explanation for the unusual locations. The skeletal figures do appear to be plastic toys that have been photographed with different objects and locations, which also provides variation between each image.

The skeletons also feature animated gestures, which also establish a dynamic juxtaposition with the other elements or objects within the image. Each image depicts death as a lively or humorous subject through the skeletons facial expressions

5 responses to “Skeletons used as a Creative Art Form

  • Benno

    That anonymous artist is me. Benno

    • Black Calavera

      thanks for the comment, ohh it’s fantastic to actually find out who produced the work. A friend visited warburton a while ago and told me about these photos as I am doing a project on skulls in contemporary art / popular culture. He even sent through the photographs, I went travelling up to the cafe in warburton where the photos were originally displayed, but when I had arrived they were not there anymore and I have been trying to find the name for a while now.

  • gailgoodwin

    Thank you for sharing this. Thought you might like to know the artist is my husband, Benno Poeder. He was delighted when a friend showed him your blog with his art work! This is his blog, although it hasn’t been updated for a while: You can also find him on facebook: and phone no. in Melbourne, Australia is 61 (0)415 744 988

    • Black Calavera

      Helllo, thank you for the comment 🙂 I do love the photographs, I have been trying to search for the artist’s name for a while. Thank you for sending the links, I did have a look through the blog and the artworks are fantastic, I do like the photography aswell! Thank you so much for sharing, it’s great to finally know the artist’s name 🙂

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