#10 Makeup Test

18/7/12 –  Does the smudged makeup really work?

Yesterday I experimented with the makeup that I had in the bathroom. I used eye liner, a black lipstick, liquid foundation, white setting powder and black eye shadow. I was pleased with the results and the eye liner definitely creates a better outline compared to the normal eye pencil, which crumbles.

I decided to smudge the makeup with baby wipes in order to determine whether I was able to produce a different effect or style. The image is very dark compared to the finished results, although the smudged makeup definitely removes the shape of the skull.

It does look like I’ve been through a fire or some sort of traumatic event. I do like the effect from the smudged makeup and it is interesting to see all the flaws or the imperfections. If I am intending to create a terrible makeup style haven’t I already achieved my goal?

It is interesting to see the aftermath from the actual makeup and it would make an interesting juxtaposition with the finished results. The shape of the skull is still evident through the eye sockets and the nose, although the viewer would find it easier to recognise the image of the skull within the other photographs, before I had smudged the makeup.

The different smudge marks and brush strokes may suggest that the image of the skull is melting or fading away. The makeup may symbolise my attempt to escape the pervasive presence of the skull within the urban culture.


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