Zac Schienbaum & El Stitch y Bitch

14/7/12 – Two Different Blogs explore the image of the skull as a cultural icon 
Zac Schienbaum 

The other day, my boyfriend discovered at least two WordPress blogs from other artists or designers who explore the image of the skull within a creative format. The first artist is Zac Schienbaum who uses a WordPress account to promote his work and his commissions. Schienbaum is an artist has also created  tattoo designs, which feature contemporary representations of the skull.

Schienbaums images do feature a dark representation of the skull through the use of black and white. The artist’s blog is well designed and the site also displays Schienbaums illustrations and tattoo designs. I also discovered Schienbaums work through the Google research engine, which displayed various of images, photographs and illustrations from the artist.

The top image is personally one of my favourite works from Schienbaums and the design does feature a morbid representation of a skull. The skull is composed with characteristics from the grim reaper, such as the large hood. The image also features an interesting composition between the skull and religious iconography, such as the cross, which appears to be worn as a necklace just beneath the hood.

The skull also features a floral head-dress, which may initiate a composition between life and death. The flowers and the pearl necklace may provide the skull with feminine characteristics or features, which contrasts with the dark space from inside the hood. The image definitely provides a dark or a sinister interpretations of death through the use of shape and colour, although the floral head-dress invites one to perceive death as a subject of beauty.

Schienbaum’s work provides an interesting perspective of the skull through the use of shape tone and colour. Please click on the link below if you would like to check out Schienbaum’s blog.

El Stitch y Bitch 

The other link that was sent to me was another WordPress site, which specialises in art and craft.  According to the site, El Stitch y Bitch have organised craft classes, which have specialised in Mexican Day of the Dead imagery. SYB were asked to design a project for the National Museum of Mexican Art, which involved creating an ‘Offrenda’ specially for the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. The project does sound very creative and it is interesting to see other artists creating Day of the Dead celebrations from different materials.

Most of the designs or decorations are created from fabric and most of the projects involve stitching different patterns. The designs are very colourful and the fabric adds texture and tactility to the materials that are used. At the top of the blog there is a skull, which is created from different pieces of fabric. The skull is very colourful and the sequins add variation to the shape, which is very different compared to Zac Scheinbaum’s work.

SYB’s skull also features similarities to the Mexican sugar skulls through the design of the image. The base of the skull also contrasts with the different patterns or decorations such as the sequins, the flowers and the swirls, which are used to appropriate the Day of the Dead Festival. In comparison to Scheinbaum’s work, El Stitch y Bitch have created a vibrant and decorative representation of the skull, which may provide a unique perspective of the Mexican sugar skulls through the use of fabric. Please click on the link below for more information about the blog.

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