No Fear Energy Drink

7/7/12 – No Fear Energy Drink spotted on tram in Melbourne Southern Cross

As soon as I arrived to Melbourne southern cross station I immediately recognised an advertisement on the side of a tram that was passing through the city. The advertisement also features a representation of a skull, which has been used as a logo or emblem for the company.

The logo features a two – dimensional representation of a skull, which also features a simplistic shape and design. The skull also features a basic colour spectrum and the shape of the shape is very angular.

The logo features some similarities to other motor cycle companies or bands and I wasn’t expecting an energy drink to actually use the image of the skull. In terms of the design, the logo is quite original compared to other energy drinks and the brand may appeal to a young demographic. The title “No Fear” is also juxtaposed next to the logo, although the actual name of the brand doesn’t seem very original or innovative.

The brand features effective marketing strategies and the product design features advertisements for the latest Batman film, which will be released in the next couple of months. I am yet to try No Fear and it would be interesting to see how the consumer will respond to this latest design.

Top image taken opposite Melbourne, Southern Cross

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