# 6 Makeup Test

10/7/12 – Appropriation of the Mexican Skull Key ring

© Photography and makeup by Charlotte Pridding

I decided to replicate the Mexican skull key ring that I had won at the arcade a few weeks ago. I applied moisturizer and foundation to my face before applying the face paint with a sponge, which minimised rough textures or uneven strokes.

I also used a cheap eyeliner to outline the design, although the eyeliner began to smudge onto the face paint and it was quite difficult to remove without removing the base colour aswell.

I was inspired by the shape and the design of the key ring and I thought the skull would make and interesting style with the face paint / makeup. I would have been better off using the black face paint for the outline and some good quality makeup brushes.

I used a black lipstick for the eyes, which created a shiny complexion, although I did create some interesting colours with the face paints. I mixed the red and the blue paints with the white paints in order to create pastel colours for the design.

I also used some disposable art palettes, which were used to mix the paints and the face painting was quite similar to painting with oils or acrylics. The design is quite complex and if I was to redo this particular style again, I will need to practise several times. There are some areas of the face which are quite difficult to paint such as the cheeks, although the eyes and the forehead are quite easy to work with.

I haven’t created a Mexican skull in colour before today and it was quite interesting to look at myself in the mirror. The different designs, distracted me from the fact that I had painted a skull onto my face.

The light was quite dark today and most of the photographs were blurry or out of focus. I decided to take photos around the house in order to find the best light and my bedroom actually has adequate lighting. I also tried artificial lighting, although the face paint begins to lose its actual effect from the exposure.

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