# 5 Makeup Test

8/7/12 – Smudged Makeup 

Last thursday I decided to create another representation of the Mexican sugar skulls with the theatrical makeup. I also decided to smudge the design in order create a different effect.

The photograph is not my favourite image that I have created so far, although I am interested in deconstructing the actual effect of the makeup. Its actually interesting to view the imperfections within the style of the makeup, which has been smudged with water and makeup remover.

There is an interesting composition between the finished results and the makeup slowly disintegrating. The image features a dark and sinister effect and in one of the photos the smudged makeup or the angle of the camera actually distorts the shape of my face.

For the exhibition that I intend to create it would be interesting to have portraits of the mexican skull makeup and imperfect, evil or sinister representations of the Mexican skull.

Perhaps I could present the makeup slowly disintegrating from a clear, perfect image to a distorted or deformed representation. The smudged makeup do not appear similar to the actual shape or form of the skull, although the imperfections do deliver a very interesting effect.

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