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5/7/12 – Latest Facebook updates from Rick Genest and Lady Gaga

I am beginning to notice that my Facebook page is continually updated with images or photos of Rick Genest or Lady Gaga. Not that I’m complaining, It actually makes my Facebook page more interesting and worth while.

Every time I log into Facebook there is at least one photo of rick Genest that appears at the top of my screen, which begins to make me wonder whether Facebook is doing my research for me? In fact anything that is related to the skull appears on my Facebook page and as soon as I log into my account, the majority of my page is covered with skulls.

At least I’m up to date with recent photos or updates from Genest’s or Gaga’s page, although it is interesting to recognise that almost every photo of Genest is flooded with thousands of comments in different languages. Has Rico the Zombie become the latest trend in contemporary art, performance and fashion? I think so, what isn’t there to love about Genest’s tattoo’s and design?

# 1 Golden Chains

Here is a recent image from Genest’s Facebook page, which appeared my status updates a couple of days ago. The direction of the light contrasts with Genest’s tattoo’s, which also highlights the eyes, the nose and the mouth. The angle of the camera and Genest’s pose, directs to viewer’s attention to Genest’s facial features, which also displays similar characteristics to the human skull.

One could argue that the light projects Genest’s face and upper body, which immediately gravitates the viewer’s attention to the golden chains. The chains also create a chest plate or a shirt, which compliments Genest’s tattoo’s. The image is very creative and the chains also add texture and colour to the overall image.


# 2 Rick Genest and the Day of the Dead Skeleton

The black & white image at the top also appeared on my Facebook page and I was instantly attracted to the Day of the Dead figurine. Genest appears to be biting into the skeleton, although his facial expressions are quite sinister. The image does feature an interesting comparison between the Day of the Dead skeleton and Genest’s tattoos. One could argue that the image features two different depiction of death and the skull, which creates a really interesting composition.


 # 3 Lady Gaga Skull T-Shirts 

This is the last photo that appeared on my Facebook page and Lady Gaga has released some new t-shirts. The t-shirts replicate Gaga’s latest hit, Born this Way and the design also features a cartoon version of Gaga herself. The cartoon Gaga also features similar characteristics from the video clip, such as skull makeup that also replicates Rick Genest’s tattoos. I wouldn’t mind one of these t-shirts and I appreciate the design.


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