#4 Makeup Test

5/7/12 Spiderweb Makeup Design

© Photography and Makeup by Charlotte Pridding 

I decided to replicate another Mexican skull with the spider web at the top of the forehead. There are quite a few images online, which feature this particular design and I thought it would be interesting to see what it would look like. I have bought the proper theatrical makeup although I have only bought a small amount specifically for the photo shoot.

For these particular images, I mixed theatrical makeup with the cheaper makeup, although the base colour didn’t work as well as I was expecting. It was actually quite difficult to outline the design with the foundation and the setting powder for some odd reason. I almost used an entire pencil for the eyes and the spider webs on the forehead, although I also used a black supra colour in order to add depth to the makeup or the overall style.

I also mixed blue and green eye shadow into the eyes in order to add tone, although it was quite difficult to cover the entire shape of the eye sockets. I then used a black lipstick go fill in the missing patches or gaps. Wearing the makeup is significantly different to the face paint, which prevented the ability to frown, grin or even smile without difficulty.

The makeup appears very smooth within the images, although at this stage of the project I am still developing ideas and practising with the materials that I have. I’m actually getting used to painting my own face and the overall results isn’t as shocking compared to the very first experimentations with the eye liner.

 The photos were taken right before sunset and the light definitely enhanced the photos. I’m still holding the camera at a distance because I am still not comfortable with using a tripod. The photos were also taken with natural and artificial lighting, although the natural light developed some interesting photographs.

Hopefully I can use these images as a reference for the photo shoot and the aim is to continually practise with different techniques until I achieve a style that I am pleased with, as they say…practise makes perfect. It would look interesting to use different settings or backdrops, which may enhanced the style of the makeup.

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