#3 Face Paint Test

5/7/12 – # 3 Face paints

© Photographs and Face paint by Charlotte Pridding

For some strange reason, I decided to test the face paints that I have bought from the $2 store. The face paint isn’t the best quality and the paint did begin to crack after the first half an hour. I do recall my very first trial with the face paint and the paint did begin to crack, although I displayed the images throughout my Work in Progress presentation and the other students / lecturers had suggested that the cracks within the face paint enhanced the actual effect or the image.

The face paint was an uncomfortable experience and it was quite difficult to move my own face. The white paint created another layer, which concealed my own face, my own identity. The paint was quite difficult to use and it was also challenging to create the different designs.

I decided to apply the paint unevenly and create rough textures in order to create different styles or effects. The overall intention was to create a rough, uneven style, which may establish a sinister or macabre effect.

 The paint is also very messy and very difficult to remove, although the experience was quite interesting.The paint was actually quite painful especially when I frowned and it was quite interesting to see my skin crumbling or flaking away. Personally the image of the style of the face paint is not the greatest achievement or experiment, although the cracks do enhance the photo through texture and tactility.

The purpose behind this particular experiment was to identify what my skin would actually look like with cracks or imperfections. When I looked through the mirror, my face looked like it was slowly disintegrating and the main objective was to create a dark or sinister effect. I will definitely need to continue practising, although this particular test provided the opportunity to test certain ideas or concepts.

I did take the photographs during the afternoon although the ideal time of the day is around 4pm before sunset. I just walked around the house in order to find the best light, which was in the garage and the kitchen. For some reason I struggle to take photographs with the tripod, although I did hold the camera directly into the light, which darkened the overall image.

The images are not the finished product, although they may provide additional ideas or concepts for the research project.  Perhaps I could use makeup and face paint for different portraits, which might create an interesting composition.

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