Jason Edmiston

30/6/12 – I – Scream

Jason Edmiston is an artist / illustrator who has completed several commissions for large international corporations. Edmiston’s website features a selection of ‘advertisements’ and ‘editorials’, which feature iconic or contemporary representations.

According to Edmiston’s biography, the online portfolio exemplifies the artists interest in Popular Culture through movie posters and advertisements. Edmiston appropriates fictional characters, which engage with the audience through the use of colour, form and texture.

One could argue that Edmiston’s stylised characters engage with the viewer through their animated gestures or facial expressions, which establish a dyanmic composition between the backdrop and the other characters within the image.

The image of the skull also appears within Edmiston’s portfolio, especially I Scream. The image two balls of ice cream, which have been moulded into the shape of a skull. The colour and the texture highlights the shape of the skull, especially the eye sockets, the nose and the jaw line.

The shape of the ice cream also provides the subject with a three-dimensional effect, which invites the viewer to gaze into the skull’s eye sockets or the gaps in between the teeth.

The skull also features a grin, which also creates an interesting composition with the melting ice cream, which trickles down the cone. The backdrop also appears similar to spray paint or graffiti on the street, which contrasts with the melting ice cream.

From a personal perspective the image would feature quite an interesting effect with different spray paints and the design would look amazing on the wall. I – Scream is one of my favourite works by Jason Edmiston and the shape of the ice cream effectively creates a melting skull, which slowly oozes down the waffled ice cream cone.

There are other images from Jason Edmiston, which also feature the image of the skull.

Jason Edmiston Illustration, “Biography”, Jason Edmiston Illustration, 2010, http://www.jasonedmiston.com/biography.html (Accessed 30/6/12)

Images From: http://www.jasonedmiston.com/portfolio-f1a.html 

Jason Edmiston: Haunted Road Trip

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