Latest Image of Rico the Zombie

29/6/12 – Recent Facebook image of Rico the Zombie 

Rick Genest has recently posted another image in Facebook, which appeared on my Facebook page early this morning. The jacket and the checkered sunglasses contrast with Genest’s tattoos especially the neck or the jaw line.

Genest also features a very striking pose, which reveals the tattoos along the neck and the chest. Genest also has his neck tilted to the side, which also exaggerates the teeth and the cheek bone. The jacket and the sunglasses create a very unique style, which also compliments the jewellery, which hangs from Genest’s neck.

It is quite difficult to determine whether the photograph is used for a company, agency or advertisement, although the image features a highly stylised effect, which also creates a very striking composition. The image also appears similar to an illustration through the dark overtones, which contrast with Genest’s face, jacket and sunglasses.

Genest’s tattoo’s are definitely a unique representation of the skull and it’s interesting to actually realise that Genest has illustrated his own interpretations of death onto his own face or skull.

Image from Rick Genest’s Facebook Page,

Boy, Zombie. “Rico the Zombie Official Website.” Rick Genest, (Accessed 29/6/12)

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