Ada Dobrzelecka

28/6/12 – Ada Dobrzelecka

A classmate had posted the works of Ada Dobrzelecka onto my Facebook page and the monochromatic colours invites one to gaze over the entire surface of the image. There is limited information about the artist, although the large brush strokes may suggest that these particular images are paintings.

The colours and the brush strokes also create an image of a skull, which appears similar to an x-ray scan. The skull is composed with the face of another person, which may initiate a juxtaposition between life and death.

The image invites one to gaze into the model’s eyes, which also features a similar colour to the skull that covers the face. The skull is very faint, although it is possible to recognise the eye sockets, the cheek bone and the jaw line.

One could argue that the face is used as a form for creative expression and the colours may provide the skin with a transparent effect, which allows the viewer to gaze into the person’s internal structure.

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