#2 Makeup Test

29/6/12 – # 2 Makeup Test 

Photographs and makeup by Charlotte Pridding
Makeup inspired by Rick Genest and Lady Gaga 

I decided to redo the same design that I tried a couple of days ago, although I also added other styles to the makeup. I used an eyeliner to draw a basic outline of the design and I used a sponge to blend the lines in order to create softer strokes.

This time I used a supra colour for the eyes and the nose, which created a smooth complexion compared to the black lipstick. I then added liquid eye shadow to the lips in order to create the teeth. The second attempt featured interesting styles and designs although I still need to refine my technique for the photo shoot.

It’s quite strange to actually see your own face disappear behind the makeup, especially in the mirror. Everything that is familiar becomes completely unrecognisable. It’s quite strange to view my reflection in the mirror because the makeup creates another person, another character, another persona that is looking directly back at me through the mirror.

When I was drawing the design, I began to wonder what my skull would actually look like behind the flesh. It’s strange to actually realise that I’m trying to replicate something that I am unable to see myself. The photographs were taken around 4 -5 pm in the evening and the focal length was set to 35 – 50 mm, which created some very interesting styles and effects.

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