Makeup Test

27/6/12 – Appropriation of Lady Gaga’s Video Clip

Photography and makeup by Charlotte Pridding
Makeup inspired by Lady Gaga Born This Way and Rick Genest

Yesterday I decided to follow a makeup tutorial on YouTube, which explained how to replicate the style of makeup from Gaga’s Born this Way video clip. Gaga’s makeup is a replica of Genest’s tattoo’s, which feature similarities to an actual human skull.

The tutorial also explained how to create the shape and the style with an eyeliner, which is then smudged with the end of a paint brush in order to add tone or definition to the makeup. I decided to use a small makeup brush, which also created a similar effects in regards to the tone and the texture.

The pattern did begin to smudge, which indicates that I may need to invest in a good quality eye liner in order to achieve darker tones along the cheekbone, although a dark eye shadow may achieve similar results.

Shading the eye sockets did become difficult with the eyeliner, which is why I decided to use a black lipstick, although the lipstick did create a shiny complexion in the photograph. The lips were challenging and if I was to redo this particular style of makeup, I may need to add extra teeth or I may need to define the mouth.

If you wish to visit the tutorial please click on the link below:

I also found an old shirt and a bow tie from my old catering job, which was perfect for the photographs. The photographs were taken in the evening before sunset and the light enhanced the style of clothing and the makeup.

The photographs were taken in different locations, although it was challenging to actually take each photo without a tripod. At one stage, I decided to lie down, which allowed me to take the photographs of my face without moving around.

I do intend to use professional theatre makeup once I feel confident with the styles that I have created myself. The project was an interesting experience and when I viewed the images on a larger screen, I couldn’t recognise myself.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, it was like I was looking back at another person. The black lipstick also caused a very cold sensation, which felt like I had another layer of skin.

It’s interesting to view certain images of the human body as an external form or representation. It was interesting to use my own skull as a foundation for the makeup and my face was used as a canvas, which provided a very interesting surface to work on. In the mirror I recognised two skulls, one on the outside and one on the inside.

The photographs worked well, although I may need to refine the makeup in my next attempt. The objective is to practise with different styles or techniques in order to determine whether the makeup will create a different response.

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