Skull and French Fries

26/6/12 – Random skull made from McDonald’s French Fries

I found this image on the internet, although the artist or the creator is not specified. The skull appears to be made from french fries, which is positioned onto a tray with fast food packaging from McDonald’s. The skull features an interesting and innovative structure, which demonstrates that the image of the skull can be made from anything. It’s quite difficult to determine how the skull was created, although I do begin to wonder how the three-dimensional form manages to maintain a level of stability through the use of french fries.

One could argue that the image may reflect the negative aspects to unhealthy eating or fast food, through the juxtaposition between the skull, the packet of McDonald’s french fries and the large container of coke. Perhaps the skull is a spontaneous creation, which has no relevant or specific intention. What are your thoughts on this Skull made from french fries?’s-french-fry-skull/

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