Snow White and the Huntsman

23/6/12 Rupert Sanders, Snow White and the Huntsman

The latest version of Snow White has been released at the cinemas and the visual effects were astounding. Kirsten Stewart played the part of Snow White, which was quite different from her role as Bella from the Twilight series.

The film did begin with dark visual aesthetics, which emphasised Snow white’s pure, innocent nature with the queen’s vindictive personality. The queen was definitely the most interesting character within the film and the costumes intensified the queen’s aggressive or selfish nature towards Snow White.

Charlize Theron effectively played the part as the queen and the character was cleverly executed throughout the entire film. The queen’s costumes and headdresses also featured an arrangement of skulls and bones, which may have been used to symbolise death.

The queen’s dress featured several crow skulls, which may symbolise the queen’s immortality. This is properly the most interesting dress I’ve ever seen and the film definitely featured highly creative and stylised outfits.

According to Peter Travers from the Rolling Stone, Rupert Sander’s latest version of Snow White refers to the Brother’s Grimm’s fairy tales. The beginning of the film featured dark imagery, which was eventually replaced with a light-hearted, feel good narrative where the princess finally declares the throne that was rightfully hers.

Sylvia A. Johnson argues that crows feature a close reference to ‘death’ and one could argue that the crow is regularly infiltrated within popular culture, which usually features a close association with the skull.  Sanders’s Snow White portrayed the crow as an image of death, which become one of the queen’s major attributes. Every living plant or crop is destroyed by the queen’s vanity and her pursuit for beauty and perfection.

Snow White is definitely a film worth watching, especially for the visual effects and the aesthetics, which will capture your attention from the beginning to the end.

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