Paul Johns

22/6/12 – Paul Johns Black & White Skull

The image was discovered through Paul Johns Flickr account. Paul Johns is an artist/ photographer who has also experimented with illustration / design. There is limited information on the artist, although Johns has created an image of a skull, which is well designed.

The skull definitely creates an interesting composition with the dark background, the brush strokes and the textures, which causes the image to appear three-dimensional. One could argue that the skull appears quite similar to an x-ray scan and the different brush strokes or textures create interesting visual effects.

The colours, the shades and the overtones emphasises the skull within the centre of the image, which invites the viewer to gaze into the eye sockets or peer through the jaw line. The skull features a translucent appearance, which also encourages one to peer through the skull and towards the back of the image.

For more information about the artists work please click on the links below:

Image is sourced from Society 6: 

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