Confetti Death

22/6/12 – Typoe’s Confetti Death 

This particular work is definitely striking and the multicoloured confetti creates a bold composition with the skull, which immediately engages with the audience. The skull appears to be vomiting multicoloured confetti onto the wall and one may begin to wonder how the skull is supported without any sort of base or platform. This particular form of display actually creates a very dynamic composition with the surrounding space, which contrasts with the artist’s installation.

There is limited information on the artist, although the installation is quite innovative and the skull appears to be connected with the confetti.  The installation may invite the audience to perceive death as a colourful and dynamic subject, which is important as life itself. Perhaps the work features a touch of irony and could argue that the skull breathes life into the world through bright and colourful confetti.

Confetti death is one of my favourite works and I do appreciate the way the artist has displayed the skull. Both the skull and the confetti create a colourful, dynamic and creative installation, which may invite one to view death from a positive perspective.

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