Rick Genest & Dermablend

21/6/12 – Dermablend introduces Rick Genest as new spokesperson 

Rick Genest’s website has announced that the performer will become the ‘spokesperson’ for Dermablend. The company have also released an advertisement, which have used makeup or foundation in order to cover Genest’s tattoo’s. The performer begins to remove the makeup with a towel, which reveals Genest’s tattoos that may come as a bit of a surprise to the audience.

The Dermablend advertisement may provide the impression that Genest’s entire body is covered with makeup or body paint. Genest’s website also claims that the company has won awards for effective advertising and the video clip effectively engages with its audience through creativity and innovation.

I must admit that I do want to buy Dermablend foundation after watching the advertisement and the way the company advertise their products is very effective and creative.

According to Genest’s website, the advertisement suggests that people often “judge a book by it’s cover”, although the video clip gradually exposes Genest removing the makeup, which may provide a completely different perspective or interpretation of the person on screen.

I have also noticed that Rick Genest is gaining a huge following through his Facebook page. This particular observation invites me to question whether internet users are generally interested in tattoo designs or whether Genest’s reference to death or the skull attracts a large audience? Do Genest’s tattoos exemplifies society’s interest in death or the skull within the postmodern culture?

I personally believe that Genest looks better with his tattoos. Which image do you prefer?

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