Holy Kitsch!

© Photograph by Charlotte Pridding: Cráneos Amistosos, 2012
Bottom Skull from Holy Kitsch (Do not own any rights over the skull)

21/6/12 Mexican Handcrafted Skull

The other day I noticed a Mexican Skull that was sitting on top of my parent’s DVD cabinet. I remember that they had bought the skull from their trip to Sydney. In Surrey Hills there is a store, which is also known as Holy Kitsch, which sells Day of the Dead merchandise. I have never visited Holy Kitsch, although I have heard that the store sells hand crafted skulls or skeletons, which reflect the Mexican Day of the Dead Festival.

I’ve always been attracted to this particular skull that I always find sitting on top of the DVD cabinet. From a personal perspective, the skull is well designed  and the different patterns do create a very striking composition. The Holy Kitsch website also displays a range of products or items for sale, which can be purchased online.

© Photograph by Charlotte Pridding: Caletre, 2012

It would be good to actually visit the store in Sydney and the website features a range of skulls with different patterns or designs. I decided to take some photographs of the skull against a purple backdrop and a multicoloured plastic plate, which created an interesting composition.

I also used the manual settings on the camera in order to change the focal length and aperture speed. I placed the objects next to a window and the natural light reflected onto the skull and the plastic plate. I have been practising with different colours, lighting and camera angles, which may provide additional concepts or ideas for the photo shoot.

I have also uploaded the images onto my Red Bubble Portfolio http://www.redbubble.com/people/charley2209


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