Ekaterina Murysina

21/6/12 – Missing Personality (Death)

A classmate had sent me an image of Ekaterina Murysina’s amazing skull via Facebook.  The artist’s online CV explains that Murysina is an illustrator who has studied multimedia, animation and design.

Murysina’s website also provides an artist’s statement in relation to the illustration of the skull. The work questions the artist’s own interpretations of death, which also reflects the death of a relative and a close friend.

One could argue that Murysina has applied exceptional colour, line and texture to the image, which invites one to gaze into the spirals or the circular patterns. The warm colours with the pink overtones exemplifies the shape or the tone of the skull, which is positioned within the centre of the image.

The skull is composed with two woman who appear subconscious or immortal. The two women clutch on the circular patterns like a piece of fabric, which drapes from the skull’s eye socket. Perhaps the image provides a juxtaposition between youth, beauty and death.

The patterns or the spirals do appear similar to strands of hair, which may reflect the artists encounters with the death of her grandmother.  One could argue that the artist has included certain characteristics from her grandmother and her friend with the image of the skull in order to represent Mursyina encounters with death.

The patterns may suggest that there is another world or dimension, which exceeds beyond human life, which may encourage the viewer to closely observe the spirals. The skull conceals the face like a mask, which may reflect the artists own perception of death or mortality.

Ekaterina Murysina, “Curriculum Vitae”, Ekaterine Murysina Website, http://murysina.com/Curriculum-Vitae (Accessed 21/6/12)

Image from website, http://murysina.com/Curriculum-Vitae

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