Ruven Afanador

17/6/12 -Ruven Afanador Photography

In regards to Ruven Afandor’s official website, Afandor is a contemporary photographer whose work has been featured in magazines and fashion editorials. Afandor has also created a series of fashion portraits, which feature several full length skeletons. There is limited information about this particular collection, although the model’s garments are composed with the skeleton(s) and the image of the skull.

One could argue that the skeletons feature animated gestures or movements, which invites one to view the engagement between the model and the skeletal figure. One may compare Afanador’s portraits with  Renaissance art such as the Death and the Maiden through the contact between the model and the skeleton(s).

The outfits are enhanced through the desaturated colours and the cool overtones, which enhances the model’s style of makeup. One could argue that the skeletons appear to be grinning or smirking at the model, who features very bland expressions. The skeleton offers more expressions or gestures compared to the models who appear very rigid and expressionless, although these particular elements initiate a very interesting juxtaposition between the two subjects.

There are several portrait that appear quite similar to a class room or a laboratory, which may suggest that the skeletons are generally used for medical and scientific examination in order to develop an understanding of the human form.

From personal experience, I have recognised these particular skeletons in class rooms, pharmacy’s, chemists, medical bookstores and specialised stores around the metropolitan area.

Afanador’s photographs also features images or representations of the skull on the blackboard, which may establish an educational or scientific setting. The photographs encourages the audience to view the entire image, which immediately directs their attention to the skeleton figure, the image of the skull and the model.

Afanador effectively positions the skeletons and the model in a range interesting settings or compositions, which are elevated through the colour, the style of clothing, the makeup and the other backdrops. The model’s do appear quite expressionless, although their rigid stance or posture compliments the skeleton’s grimacing at their acquaintances.

Ruven Afanador, “Biography”, Ruven Afanador Official Website, (Accessed 17/6/12)

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