Nuevo Cráneo

Nuevo Cráneo, Photograph: Charlotte Pridding, 2012
Keyring purchased from Galatic Circus Arcade in Melbourne 

13/6/12 – New Keyring Skull 

Yesterday I used the tickets that I won in the arcade to buy a keyring skull. A friend had noticed them within the class cabinet and we both combined our tickets in order to purchase two Mexican skulls.

The skulls were only worth 200 tickets each, although I was immediately attracted to the colour as well as the design. The arcade were also offering different colour key rings and there were bottles in the shape of a skull behind the back of the counter.

Craneo Amarillo, Charlotte Pridding, 2012

I began to question whether the skull is becoming popular or whether the image of the skull has always been a popular form or representation. Is the skull used for almost every design, style or trend? How does the image of the skull reflect society’s representation of death?

I also decided to take some photographs of the skull, although I realised that I had captured each shot against a purple box in the lounge room, which complimented the actual keyring. I also used a different focal length, ISO and aperture speed in order to create different styles or techniques.

I have also uploaded the photographs to my red bubble page. Please feel free to have a look through the photos.

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