Viva Calca

12/6/12 Ritxi Ostáriz and the Day of the Dead

According to the Viva Calca website, Ritxi Ostariz creates 2D animations, which reflects the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico. The vibrant colours and the dancing skeletons strongly refer to the festival, which effectively engages the audience through the use of fast motion.

The animation bursts with colour and motion, which invites one to observe the different designs or elements within each sequence.  The audio effects and the sound track is very catchy and once you have watched the animation its hard to forget the lyrics.

Overall the sound track invigorates the visual elements through the continual reappearance of the skull, which elevates the union between the living and the deceased. The official website also explains that there are two different sections to the story, which are presented into two separate screenings.

The first animation depicts the celebration during the Day of the Dead and the second screening features a very drunk skeletal who begins to have strange illusions about ‘pink elephants’

The visual and the audio effects effectively engages with the audience through the pink dancing skeletons. In comparison to the first animation, the second screening is quite dark and one could argue that visual aesthetics feature similarities to Tim Burton’s films, especially the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Viva Calca, “About”, Viva Calca Official Website, (Accessed 12/6/12)

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