Angela Lau

10/6/12 Anglea Lau and the Mexican Sugar Skulls

The other day, I discovered the works of Angela Lau who has creates a series of photographs, which depict the Mexican sugar skulls. The vibrant colours compliments the floral headdress and the style of the makeup, which adds a textural or tactile appearance.

The overtones and the gradients significantly emphasises the design of the makeup, the headdress and the style of clothing, which projects the model’s elegant gestures. One could argue that Lau’s photographs displays textural and tactile aesthetics, which encourages one to reach out and touch the screen.

The makeup and the style of clothing invigorates the model’s exquisite postures, which portrays death as a high glamorised subject. Through the viewer’s interpretation, Lau’s photography effectively combines high fashion with Mexican cultural ‘symbology’.

Foltlyn, Jacque Lynn. “To Die For: Skull Style and Corpse Chic in Fashion, Imagery and Branding.” Scan Journal 7 (2010)

Dowling, Faye. The Book of Skulls. Laurence King Publishing Ltd, 2011

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