Alexandre Herchcovitch

9/6/12 – Fashion designer, Alexandre Herchcovitch using the skull as a statement?

When I began to research Jean Charles Castelbajac, I also discovered another fashion designer by the name of Alexandre Herchcovitch who also creates very interesting styles with relation to the skull. There was not a great deal of information about this particular collection, although the models do appear to be wearing makeup or face paints, which replicate certain features and characteristics from the image of the skull.

The skulls do have a very different style and the make up / face paint significantly enlarges the teeth and the size of the mouth, which distorts the shape of the face. One could argue that the skulls do appear sinister or gothic, which also adds to Hercovitch’s designs or collections. Instead of the model showcasing the designs, the models add dimension and a huge source of creativity to Hercovitch’s design, through the style of the face paint.

One cold argue the make up / face paint features similar characteristics to Rick Genest’s tattoo designs or music video clips. Perhaps Hercovitch’s models establish a unique quality, which may invigorate the actual meaning or representation of the skull within the contemporary culture.

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