Espolon Tequila (Continued)

3/6/12 – Mysterious Espolon Tequila bottle found within back of the Car

The other day I opened the boot of my car and I found another bottle of Espolon Tequila hidden beneath a couple of blankets. I wondered how a bottle of Tequila managed to find it’s way to the boot of the car and I assumed that someone else had forgotten to remove the bottle.

I am beginning to notice that this particular brand of Tequila is becoming quite popular and there are many restaurants around Melbourne that are selling Espolon. Friends, family members and other internet users have mentioned Espolon, which questions whether the label is beginning to attract a large audience.

Does Espolon Tequila demonstrate that there is an interest for the skull and the Day of the Dead festival within the Western culture? Has the corpse become a desirable product or just another fad?

Tequila, Espolon. “Real Mexico. True Stroy.” Espolon Tequila, (Accessed 3/6/12)

Foltlyn, Jacque Lynn. “To Die For: Skull Style and Corpse Chic in Fashion, Imagery and Branding.” Scan Journal 7 (2010)

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