Crystal Head Vodka

2/6/12 – Crystal Skulls

A couple of days ago a friend of a friend had mentioned that there was a certain brand of Vodka that used the image of the skull. The Day of the Dead and brands such as Espolon tequila were compared with this particular brand of vodka.

This particular discussion questioned whether the image of the skull in Crystal Head Vodka for instance generates a similar meaning or significance compared to certain brands of Tequila that are closely associated with Mexico or the Day of the Dead.

According to the Crystal Head Vodka official website, the brand refers to the cultural, spiritual and historical depictions of the crystal skulls. Elizabeth Diamond argues that many ancient communities or civilisations regarded the crystal skulls with high significance due to their ability to generate “self awareness and consciousness”. (D.Diamond, 2010 p.134)

The website also explains that the Crystal Head Vodka is also inspired by the “13 Crystal skulls”. Brian Haughton also highlights that there are historians who have suggested that there are different countries or continents that contain some of the crystal skulls, which feature similar measurements to an actual ‘human skull’. (B. Haughton, 2007 p.78)

The website also claims that the bottles are constructed from “Bruni Glass”, which also suggests that the products refer to the history of the crystal skulls.

After further research I would like to argue that brands such as the Crystal Head Vodka refers to different cultural or historical representations compared to brands of tequila such as Espolon or Kah Tequila.

One could argue that the Espolon Tequila and the Crystal Head Vodka refer to different values, traditions or beliefs. These two particular brands use the image of the skull to represent certain cultures or beliefs, which also questions whether the skull has become a clever marketing strategy?

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