Touche Hombre

Logo: Touche Hombre,

1/6/12 – Touche Hombre in Melbourne CBD

Last night I had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant known as Touche Hombre in Melbourne. The restaurant had a great atmosphere and the back wall also featured a very interesting college. Touche Hombre featured quite a few images of the skull and the works of tattoo artist Anqelique Houtkamp, which were mounted onto the wall.

Back Wall: Touche Hombre, Melbourne Photo:

The logo also featured a very simplified representation of a skull, which was also printed onto various business cards. Touche Hombre is a very interesting place to eat and the bar also featured skulls on the top shelf, which were placed next to the Tequila. After visiting Touch Hombre, I began to  question whether the image of the skull actually signifies the Mexican culture?

Everywhere I looked there was another image of the skull, even the menu featured skulls and the entire restaurant was completely covered with skulls. Touche Hombre also feature a blog, which features updates about new additions to the menu or information about the restaurant. I was not allowed to take photos inside the restaurant, which is why I’ve included images from a company also known as Maison Davis.

Touche Hombre, “El Blogo”, Touche Hombre, (Accessed 1/6/12)

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