Edward Walton Wilcox

28 /5/12 Death and the Maiden, 2008 

Today I found a blog also known as Trixie’s Treats, 2010, which features a range of artists who also explore the subject of death and the image of the skull through different styles or compositions.

According to Wilcox himself, the artist’s work applies dark and gothic imagery with Popular Culture. Wilcox also refers to ancient European art such as ‘Romanticism’, which is also applied to the artist’s work. Wilcox also questions humanity and mortality within the postmodern culture through skulls, skeletons, cadavers and other unusual or gothic characters.

One could argue that Wilcox’s films appear similar to Horror films, especially the DVD covers or posters. Wilcox also explains that his images create a dark, unfamiliar environment, which may cause a feeling of isolation or dissociation with reality.

Edward Walter Wilcox: Monocle 2007

I also noticed that Wilcox and artist, Laurie Lipton feature the same title. Perhaps Lipton’s drawings has inspired the artist, although the skeletal figure within Walton’s work is holding a young adult or woman instead of a child. One could argue that the skeleton in Lipton’s image features feminine night – dress, while the skeleton in Wilcox’s image may imply masculinity.

The skeleton appears to be grimacing at the young woman whose face is covered with strands of hair, which is emphasised through the strong composition between light, tone and shade. One could argue that Walton and Lipton’s work are quite grotesque, although Wilcox applies darker tones or very bold colours to his subjects in order to exaggerate the border between life and death.

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Images: http://trixietreats.blogspot.com.au/2010_08_01_archive.html

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