Jiri Geller

24/5/12 – Way to Go

According to Mark Maher, Jiri Geller is influenced by Popular culture and the subject of death, which are evident within the artist’s work. Jiri Geller’s website explains that the artist combines popular and ‘iconic’ imagery with dark and sinister representations.

A friend had mentioned Geller’s Way to Go, which features three melting skulls in black, gold and white. The image captures the paint dripping down the side of the white plinths, which initiates interesting compositions and textures. One could argue that the paint is very subtle, which directs the viewers gaze from the dripping paint to the skulls on top of the plinths.

It could be argued that the paint provides each skull with a reflective surface, which may aestheticize death and mortality. Perhaps Geller’s work attempts to present the skull as an abstract or an ambiguous subject, especially with the dripping paint. The paint and the actual display may remove the skull from its original context, which may invite the audience to view Geller’s skulls as a popular or ‘commercialised’ image.

Jiri Geller: Dead Boy

It could be argued that Geller’s Dead Boy combines popular culture, death and ‘religious iconography’. The ‘crown of thorns’ is placed on top of each individual skull, which may relate to ‘Christian symbology’. Perhaps Geller is applying historical or religious contexts with popular and contemporary representations.

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