Work In Progress Presentation

23/5/12 – Presentation

A couple of days ago, I was required to give a presentation in relation to my research project and my work in progress. I discussed the nature of the research project, research, objectives and methodologies.

I also presented experiments, visual research and other work that I have already completed. The presentation included sketches, photographs and illustrations, which have been uploaded onto the blog. The content has assisted with the theoretical and the visual research such as the photo shoot or the exhibition.

The presentation slides were designed in photoshop and illustrator, which also included the title of the project as well as the logo / header. I also created different textures with the brush tool in photoshop in order to create my own backgrounds for the presentation slides. The design was then converted into a PDF document, which was then displayed onto a projector screen.

The purpose is to use the style that I created for the presentation in order to design a book or a catalogue, which will feature research, work in progress and completed works from the project.

Experiments from Presentation slide 23/5/12


Overall I received very positive feedback from the presentation, although I was asked how I would make my work original compared to all the other representations or appropriations of the skull. I suppose it will be quite challenging to create something completely original, considering that there are so many different representations of the human skull, although one could argue that nothing is original.

The objective of the project is to research different artists or designers in order to create my own style or interpretation of the skull. The project will replicate the Mexican sugar skulls with the use of theatrical makeup in order to create a series of portraits.

This particular style is not original, although I could use different techniques in order to create a different style. The make up class also suggested different ideas or concepts that I could possibly use for the project.

Each portrait could refer to a different style or art movement, which may create an interesting composition. The project will combine Mexican Sugar Skulls with popular horror characters, although this particular concept is not completely original, I could use different props, costumes or styles in order to add other elements or variations to the work.

I was also asked whether I could recognise a certain trend or style through the visual research. Most of the images, sketches or observations usually display black and white representations of the skull. T-Shirt designs, window displays and other items of clothing continually display the image of the skull, which may suggest that the skull has become a very popular representation in Fashion.

Presentation Slide: Work in Progress 23/5/12

The blog has also revealed that internet users have expressed an interest in the skull within Fashion, design or advertising especially the works of Alexander McQueen and Rick Genest. The Mexican sugars skulls are starting to gain popularity in the West, although there are many designs or styles still predominately use the ‘Jolly Roger’ or gothic representations.

I also displayed three different images during my presentation, which featured my first experiment with the face paint, the second experiment with my own makeup and the results from the Make up class that I attended. The children’s face paint began to crack and create uneven textures or brush strokes, although the other audience has suggested that this particular effect would suit the horror genre or the characters I am attempting to replicate.

The audience did make a very relevant point, the crack surface does create a sinister or macabre appearance compared to the makeup, although the face paint is extremely difficult to remove. The first experiment did take at least two to three hours to remove all of the face paint from the model’s face, which did cause irritation.

I could invest in some higher quality face paints or I could research how to replicate different effects or textures with make up. Perhaps I could replicate the cracks through the makeup, which will require further research and experimentation.

The project could combine the face paint and the make up in order to create different compositions or effects. I could use makeup for two or three of the portriats and the face paint for the others, which may create different different styles or aesthetics.

Another member of the class also suggested interviewing the models after the photo shoot, which is another interesting idea. The makeup will emulate the Mexican sugar skulls and I could ask each model to express their own interpretations of the skull or their own reflection.

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