Make Up Class

21/5/12 – Techniques, styles and experiments

A few days ago, I attended a makeup class, which demonstrated different styles and techniques that I can use for the project. The objective is to combine fictional characters from horror films with Mexican sugar skulls through the application of make up or face paint. A make up artist used my face as the base in order to display different methods and techniques.

The master class also demonstrated different ideas or concepts, which also provided an insight into different methods or practises. Silver fake eyelashes was an interesting suggestion, which may create a dynamic composition between the model’s facial features and the makeup. The crosses also provide an interesting composition, which also contrasts with the base colour.

The class also revealed the difference between aqua colours and supra colours. The aqua colours created a very shiny, reflective complexion while the supra colours created definition and volume. The eye shadows were easier to blend compared to the aqua colours, although it was interesting to test different mediums.

The base also requires very light foundation and setting powder, which will also emphasise the dark eye sockets and the mouth. I also used a sketch book to write down different ideas or techniques with images, which will allow me to remember the process for my own project.

Sketches from Make Up Class 21/5/12

It was interesting to actually look through the mirror and to recognise that I was looking at a skull that was painted on top of my own skull. It was important to understand how it feels to have my own face painted in order to understand how the models will feel during the project / photo shoot.

The objective is to experiment with the makeup in order to create different styles or compositions for the photo shoot. The theatrical make up delivered very interesting results, which is quite different to my first attempt with children’s face paints that cracked over the top of the model’s face. The face paint did take at least a few hours to remove, which is why the project will use proper theatrical makeup.

The cracked surface did provide very interesting textures and perhaps I could use the theatrical make up to replicate this particular style.

First Attempt: 31/3 – Face Paint

This was my very first attempt, although I did apply a very thick layer of face paint, which began to crack.The textures are very interesting, although it did take the model hours to remove all of the face paint with baby oil.

Make up may prevent irritation to the skin and I could create a cracked appearance with the theatrical make up from the class. The model explained that the face paint created a different face, which was a very interesting comment. It is very interesting to look through the mirror and to realise that your face has been replaced with a representation of a skull.

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