McQueen Untitled: Spring / Summer 1998

13/5 – Skeleton Corset: 1998

Ingrid Loschek highlights McQueen’s spring / summer collection, which features a “Skeletal corset”, which features a very delicate and intricate design. Loschek suggests that the interior form becomes the exterior, through fashion, art and design. Loscheck quotes that “these are off-putting as external body jewellery”. (Loscheck, When clothes Become Fashion: Design and Innovation Systems p. 57)

From a personal perspective the structure and the design is very refined, which emphasises every form or detail. The metallic surface of the corset is visually captivating and the design appears very similar to an actual rib cage. In the top right hand image, the curvy spine does add interest or a level of spontaneity to McQueen’s creation.

 One could argue that the composition between colour and form also positions death as a mass-produced fashion accessory, which provides a compelling and a visually appealing image.

I decided to undertake further research in relation to the artist / designer and this particular design may generate further ideas or concepts for the end of year exhibition

Loschek, Ingrid. When Clothes Become Fashion: Design and Innovation Systems.  New York: Berg, 2009.


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