Living Dead Dolls: Day of the Dead

10/9/11 – Savannah (Top Right)

I decided to visit the Pop Cultcha store, which sells a range of figurines, dolls, books, T-Shirts and other visual merchandise relating to Popular culture. There were living dead Dolls for sale within Pop Cultcha and I recognised a doll called Savannah who featured similar attributes to the Mexican sugar skulls.

In relation to the official Living Dead Dolls website, “Ed Long and Damien Glonek” originally created the dolls, which attracted a significant amount of attention from the public. ‘Horror Films’, literature, Halloween and the Day of the Dead have influenced the founders who applied these particular styles to their own products.

The dolls do feature a very sinister or grotesque appearance, which may appeal towards an adult audience. In relation to the Savannah doll, the Mexican skull on the face contrast with her pale face, her red hair and her dark, gothic clothing. The doll may feature similarities to a character from a horror film and perhaps the brand merges characteristics from the Day of the Dead festival with the modern horror genre.

Living Dead Dolls, “Morticians”, Mezco Toyz, 2012, (Accessed 10/5/12)

Living Dead Dolls, “Savannah”, Mezco Toyz, 2012, (Accessed 10/5/12)

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