Coin Skull

7/5/12 – Experiment

I decided to use my old coin collection to create a basic outline of a skull. I used a 60mm lens and a very high camera angle in order to capture the entire image. The artificial light did reflect onto the coins, which created a completely different colour.

The 60mm lens did cause the objects to appear blurry, although this effect may complement the colours within the image. If these particular materials were used again, a different focal length would be used for the shot.

The colours, texture and lighting may provide the coins or the overall image with an old fashioned appearance, which was not planned at the beginning. The objective is to experiment with other everyday materials or objects in order to create different representations of the skull.

Practising with different techniques or settings has allowed me to experiment with different angles, focal lengths, textures and compositions, which will become extremely useful for the photo shoot, which will begin in mid june – july. (View the about page for further information)

Noah Scalin has become a source of inspiration and the objective is to adopt a similar style in order to create different artistic representations of the skull. The purpose of this particular project is to create different shapes or styles from my sketches, visual research and observations.

Scalin, Noah. Skulls.  New York: Sterling Publishing Co, 2008.

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