The Skull in Fashion and Advertising

4/5/12 – Recent observations

I recognised a guy sitting on the train wearing a black beanie with an image of a large white skull across the top. The shape did become very distorted, which altered the appearance of the skull. The image was very wide, which also altered the perspective of the skull.

Christian Audigier: Ed Hardy

While browsing through the isles in the supermarket, I recognised a bottle of vodka with a skull directly within the centre of the image.  The vibrant colours and compositions invites the consumer to view the entire image, although the star that is positioned upon the skull’s forehead gravitates the viewer’s gaze to the skull.The shape of the bottle is quite sophisticated, which also emphasises the label that is placed at the back of the bottle from the inside.

The official website defines Ed Hardy as a highly renowned “tattoo artist” whose designs have inspired the fashion industry. After viewing the website and the clothes for sale, I had recognised that the majority of t-shirts regularly featured various representations of the skull in different styles.

Janey Levy claims that Christian Audigier is a contemporary designer who combined Hardy’s popular and recognisable tattoo designs in order to create a new brand of clothing. The brand may suggest that society has developed an interest for tattoo art and Ed Hardy allows consumers to wear a range of designs without putting any ink onto the skin.

Perhaps Ed Hardy appeals also appeals to individuals who have no desire to get a tattoo but appreciate the art and the design, which attracts a wide range of consumers with different interests or preferences.

There is also a book also known as “Love Kills Slowly Cross-Stitch: 30 Cross-Stitch Patterns from Ed Hardy”, which provides instructions on how to make customised tattoo designs for clothes or fashion accessories without having to get an actual tattoo that is impossible to modify. The books provides demonstrations on how to sew or cross stitch Ed Hardy designs step by step.

One could argue that the vibrant and vivid colours may feature similarities with the Mexican Sugar Skulls, which may also apply a similar palette to the surface.

In comparison The Ed Hardy clothes and designs feature so many different colours, compositions and images that is becomes difficult to focus on one particular subject, which may become distracting or overwhelming from the viewer’s perspective. The imagery is still interesting and the brand may feature

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Image Citations

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