Rick Genest (Continued)

3/5/12 – Similarities between Genest and Jack Skellington 

Rick Genest’s official website (Aka Zombie Boy) also mentions how the works of Tim Burton have inspired Genest’s performances. From a personal perspective, I could recognise similarities between Genest’s tattoos and Jack Skellington from the Nightmare before Christmas.

The tattoo’s are very dark, although the different designs or compositions may provide a different perspective of death. One could argue that both Genest’s designs and the Nightmare before Christmas portray the skull as a visually captivating image, which may aestheticise the subject of death.

Genest’s designs are quite angular and sharp especially around the neck, which may feature similarities to Jack’s narrow or elongated structure.  Perhaps the performer and Tim burton’s animated character may minimise the viewer’s fears or anxieties surrounding death through intricate designs and aesthetically pleasing imagery.

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