DermaBlend Advertisement

3/5/12 – DermaBlend Professional 

This youtube video clip is a viral advertisement for DermaBlend, which features Rick Genest without any of his tattoos. Genest begins to rub the makeup away from his skin, which reveals his elaborative designs.  When viewing the clip for the first time, I was convinced that Genest’s illustrations were created by a team of makeup artists, although the performer’s offfical website states that Genest’s entire form is covered with tattoos. According to Rick Genest the tattoo’s resemble the disintegration or the decay of the human form.

On the Crane TV Video Magazine there is an interview with Rick Genest who discusses his own influences, life story and career. The performer mentions that he had suffered from a “brain tumour” and Genest was left to contemplate whether he would still be alive. Perhaps the tattoo’s reflect’s Genest’s own confrontations with death and the morbid design may become a reminder of mortality.

Kirsty McCormack from the Dail Mail clarifies that the DermaBlend advertisement promotes “concealer and makeup remover”. One could argue that this particular ad differentiates from other fashion advertisements, which use makeup to enhance or glamorise the model. Instead of using the makeup to create different designs or features, Genest removes the makeup in order to reveal his true identity. His tattoo’s have become his skin, which becomes a canvas for creative expression. The advertisement is really effective and it’s interesting to see how the brand had used concealer to hide all of Genest’s tattoo’s.

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