Gaga’s SceiBe: Music Video Clip

2/5/11 – Lady Gaga: ScheiBe 

I decided to research other Gaga videos featuring Rick Genest and ‘SchieBe’ is a recent music video clip, which may refer to different styles. One could argue that the clip features similar aesthetics to a horror film, which combines black and white, with bright red that simultaneously flashes onto the screen. There is also an apple that is positioned on top of Genest’s head, which may refer to the Vanitas paintings from the 1600’s that composed the skull with other objects or images.

The clip is quite gothic, although the lighting does enhance Genest’s form, which almost makes the performer look like an actual skeleton. Genest’s sensual interaction with the silver beads may position death as an’ fetishistic subject’. Foltyn’s article also analyses the subject of death within contemporary fashion and photography, which is also applied to Lacan’s theories of the ‘imaginary’. Lacan suggests that the human population are intrigued with grotesque or macabre imagery.

Perhaps Lacan’s theories may suggest that contemporary society is attracted to the unknown or the ‘other’. One could argue that the unknown or the familiar immediately gravitates the viewer’s attention to the image, which may emphasise Capitalism’s inclination to mass produce the image of death in order to target society’s desires or interests.

Foltyn argues in the article (To Die For: Skull Style and Corpse Chic in Fashion Design, Imagery  and Branding) that the “corpse and it’s simulated versions is the new fetishised body” p. 10- 13 Foltyn’s article also questions whether the mass produced image of the skull creates a different genre and perhaps the subject of death has lost it’s connection with the skull, which transforms the image into an everyday product that is infinitely manufactured for a mass audience.

Foltlyn, Jacque Lynn. “To Die For: Skull Style and Corpse Chic in Fashion, Imagery and Branding.” Scan Journal 7 (2010)

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Cadafalch, Antoni. The Day of the Dead: El Dia De Los Muertos.  London: Koreno Books, 2011

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