Lady Gaga

Born this Way

Rick Genest is featured quite a lot within Lady Gaga’s music videos and Born this Way was the first time that I had ever recognised Genest’s body art.  Gaga’s video does feature different themes and styles, which does make it difficult to establish a specific representation or response. Perhaps the video clip is subjective, which leaves room for the viewer to formulate thier own interpretation.

Jacque Lynn Foltyn also cites that Gaga effectively combines popular culture with death and fashion, which instantaneously captivates a mass audience. From a personal perspective Gaga appropriates different styles, which also provides a high level of creativity to her performances. Perhaps the skeletal figures within Born this Way become a form of artistic expression, which allows the living to imitate the dead.

Foltlyn, Jacque Lynn. “To Die For: Skull Style and Corpse Chic in Fashion, Imagery and Branding.” Scan Journal 7 (2010) p.13

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