The Walking Cadaver

Youtube Video ‘The New Beauty’ – the photographer is unknown, although there are scenes that are featured within Lady Gaga’s video clip.

Do to copyright reasons the clip can only be viewed on the youtube website. Click on the link to view the whole clip. 

Rick Genest’s body art may demonstrate that the body can become a form of creative expression. One could argue that Genest’s exceptional designs and illustrations may display the performer as a living corpse. The paint also provides Genest’ psyche with a macabre and sinister appearance, which also replicates the internal structure of the human form onto the exterior of the body.

In relation to the youtube clip, Genest may portray different styles or representations of death through the extraordinary application of paint and the use of props. The black cloak may reference the Grim Reaper, while the bright pink head dress may suggest a similar style to the Mexican Sugar skulls. Perhaps Genest’s body art combines different styles, designs and compositions into one single image.

The clip also features the artist holding silver beads to his face, which may represent the connection between fashion and death. Genest is also juxtaposed next to flowers, leaves and trees, which may also emphasise death as a beautiful subject. Perhaps the slow motion within the clip and Genest’s sensuous relationship with the silver beads may portray death as a desirable object.

Dowling, Faye. The Book of Skulls. Laurence King Publishing Ltd, 2011

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